Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Free flow 2

That feeling of disappointment,
It hurts,
but it reminds you,
Patience is a virtue in all circumstances,
Not just when it suits you.

If you had this, if you did that,
Maybe your problems wouldn’t seem so large,
You’re struggling
you feel it
Yet you won’t give in to the sinking feeling
You refuse to
So you fight
and remind yourself
No struggle lasts forever. 

Free Flow 1

When you have no more will, motivation, desire,
It’s at that point a decision is made,

You push through
with an extra source of strength you never even knew you possessed.
In all honesty, it’s not yours,
It’s His. Your creator.

He keeps you going, when you stopped and gave up all hope.
La hawla wa la quwatta illa billahil aliyul adheem.
No power or might except from Allah. 

Check out the main page for another "Free Flow" piece. 

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Eid Mubarak !

Wishing all Golden Amanah readers a blessed Eid !

Keep all those still suffering in this world in your duas .

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Ramadan Mubarak !

I hope everyone is having a blessed Ramadan so far :)

The link below is a Ramadan piece I wrote for Muslimah Girl Magazine. It's titled 'What if every month was Ramadan ?" on page 41.


If the link doesn't go through, do let me know and I'll re-post it.

Keep the less fortunate, oppressed and those suffering in conflicts worldwide in your dua's (supplications) especially in this blessed month.

Stay Blessed

Sunday, 15 July 2012

New Piece

Salam Alaikum all,

This piece was written and performed for an Open Mic Night in aid of the Teach Somalia Campaign.

Check out more info on their Facebook page and to find out how to donate : http://www.facebook.com/TeachSomaliaCampaign

Also follow them on twitter : @Teach_Somalia


The news stopped giving focus,
We stopped giving focus,
Lost in this dunya,
We returned to self-centeredness.
My heart aches for humanity,
Our levels of apathy
Can be scary.

Everybody is waiting on another to act,
Problem is it leads to a severe LACK of action.
“Its an African problem,
 “they’ll get the foreign aid,
Distancing ourselves from the issue
Because they’re lands and seas away?
The deen teaches better than that
And tells you to act,
If not with your heart,
Then with your tongue or hands.

Raise funds,
Raise voices,
Make plans,
Support causes
We all have a role to play
We are all given a choice each day
If someone were to cause you harm, will you not treat it?
When one part of the ummah hurts,
We should all be looking to heal it 

Sunday, 1 July 2012

New piece

Written and performed for the IHijabi charity dinner, in aid of SOLACE (www.solaceuk.org)

What are you waiting for ?

Stop waiting,
For that eureka moment, or a burst of inspiration
And just begin.
You will never attain perfection,
It is your intention & excellence that will win.

It is an illusion
That age or circumstance
Will bring things into place,
Money is not the solution to all of your problems,
Neither culture, nor your race.

The path you choose today,
The one you decide to walk upon
Will not only have your footsteps,
Mothers of the believers,
Determined and strong,
Have also taken this journey
They faced obstacles in their time,
Yet despite the trials they were given
Its their Lord they turned to
To keep their souls in line.

Aisha faced gossip,
Khadija faced poverty,
Asiyah faced a tyrant husband,
Summayah faced mortality,
These tests did not stop these sisters,
But from it, their iman grew in strength,
They were reminded the life of this world,
Does not hold an eternal length.

Many challenges faced,
Harsh words spoken,
Should never leave you feeling defeated or broken.
Take inspiration from the ones who came before you
Who persevered with this deen and to it stayed true.

Muslim women who laid the foundation
Through living exemplary lives
Sisters please ask yourselves,
What are YOU leaving behind ?

Views, comments and share !

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Topic close to my heart

Children of Gaza & Palestine

I come across blue skies, a cool morning breeze
Birds sing their praise, the trees sway with ease
My mind wanders, I increase in curiosity,
What do children of Gaza & Palestine see?

Their cloudless skies coloured a lifeless grey
The birds flew off & took their songs away
The ever present stench of death, and physical abuse endured
Food and water, luxuries never fully stored.

I walk across my street and see a branch on the ground,
My mind plays back like a film
Foot & branch create a crack sound,
I’m reminded that precious olive trees that saw generations of life
are crushed by Israeli soldiers in cruel swipes.

Yet, still their heads are held high
though they may suffer and cry,
looking no less than dignified
soon honour will arrive,
from their Lord most high
Peace once again to be given,
To the children of Gaza and Palestine.


(Image Source : Google)

Comments welcomed, share and pray for the people suffering all over the world.

Stay blessed

Friday, 4 May 2012

New poem

Hi All,

Check out a piece I wrote for MuslimahGirlMagazine on page 13 on Syria.


Share your thoughts/comments below & feel free to spread the poem !

Wishing everyone a blessed Jumm'ah and a good weekend :)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

New piece

Apologies to readers & those checking in, as i had some much needed time away.
In my break I wrote another piece for HabibiHalaqas.org which can be seen here : http://www.habibihalaqas.org/2012/04/dealing-with-lust-and-greed.html

Change affects us all in different ways, it's all about how we choose to handle it.

A natural part of life

In the beauty of a moment,

Change takes place,

It must be absorbed,

Welcomed and embraced.

No need for fear, face it,

No running,

No racing,

You can not hide from it,

Change enters all places.

It can inspire your passions,

Ignite your dreams,

Open the doors that were once unseen.

Change is wisdom,

From your Lord above,

Learn and grow from it,

Replace fear of change with love


Any thoughts on the poem or the topic ?

Comment below & share !

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Friday, 24 February 2012

Jumm'ah Reminders - TEDx

An amazing piece by Mexican Muslim poet Mark Gonzales. Bringing together two different worlds, and the suffering of many Arab countries,the flow and lyrics capture your attention throughout.
Check out more of his poetry on youtube & for more on his current work check out his twitter : @markgonzalesIS.
Wishing everyone a blessed Jumm'ah and weekend .

P.S a new poetry piece coming this friday :)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Jumm'ah Reminder

Deaths in Syria are on the increase and the stories about their treatment is getting worse, those who are protesting and those who aren't.
This poem was made a while back but still holds relevant  for Syria and other countries still suffering.
Keep them in your prayers this Jumm'ah and every day that follows until they are free from this oppressive regime In sha Allah (God-willing).

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Jumm'ah Reminders

A great reminder from Muhammad Al Shareef on the value of time and how to use it wisely to get the best of this life and the next In sha Allah.

Poem for Habibi Halaqas

Asalamu Alaikum everyone,

Apologies for a day late posting, but here is another new poem written for the website Habibi Halaqas, which provides webinars, articles and much more for sisters. Here is their link for more information : http://www.habibihalaqas.org/.


My soul,
Hold on,
Be strong,
Not long,
You weren’t made for this world,
It’s the next you belong.

Fighting through a worldly maze,
Struggling in this delusional haze,
Attempting to promise you eternal bliss,
Knowing you’re not here to stay.

This world can be deceiving,
Manipulate people into believing,
That there is always time left,
So dreams they delay achieving.

The soul needs reminding,
The world is temporary to abide in,
It needs direction to guidance,
Protection from misguiding.

Our soul, the most valuable possession,
A price cannot be made,
Our daily companion for this dunya we reside in,
Many tests that must be faced.

Keep it guarded, it's a treasure ,
Hold it close it's your tool,
The Day of Judgement ever nearer,
Your soul, rejoicing or against you.

Which one will it will it be ?

Feel free to leave comments & stay blessed.

Update : The poem has now been posted on their site : http://www.habibihalaqas.org/2012/04/poem-soul.html?utm_source=BP_recent

Friday, 3 February 2012

Jummah Reminders

This video follows on from other re-makes of "Why i hate religion, but love Jesus" videos, but instead focuses on education.
The poet, Suli Breaks, in no way bashes seeking an education, but rather asks us to question our purpose for pursuing further education and gaining degrees. A reflective piece worth 6:36 minutes of your time :)

Take this weekend to reflect and stay blessed.

A poem for I.F.A.M

Asalamu Alaikum everyone.

Here is the poem i wrote for the Muslim organisation "Islam for a month"( I.F.A.M) an organisation created in July 2011 to give the correct understanding of Islam to Non- Muslims.

Last month they started the BUDDY project which pairs established Muslims with a convert who may be struggling with different issues. This poem was created to help give awareness of the project.

Please read more about them and this project on this link http://www.islamforamonth.org/.

[Topic requested by sister - Friendship]

Buddy for Life

A new person, a fresh beginning,
Starting over, a new meaning to living,
One enters Islam forgiven for past sinning,
Your Lord Most Merciful, guided you to this religion.

Surrounded with welcoming faces,
Taken to new places,
Introduced to brothers,
New sisters meet others,
Brother and sisterhood around you is strong,
You have found somewhere you finally belong.

Weeks and months pass, calls and invites decrease,
You try and keep contact; seems they’re too busy to speak,
You ask for advice and feel alone in the crowd,
Your voice ignored and silenced, yet you’re screaming out loud.

Those who enter Islam need companions by their side,
Ready to advise in times of trouble,
One to share with and confide,
A shoulder for support,
One who listens in hard times,
Someone to help out,
When troubles overwhelm like a tide

A duty upon every Muslim, to help those in need
Not just the weak and needy, but those new to the deen,
Give time and energy to help them in this journey,
Allah will reward your efforts and your blessings will be many.

(Image source: Google)

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts :)

Stay Blessed.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Jumm'ah Reminders

A spoken word poetry piece by an American poet called QuadirLateef. You can find more of his videos on Youtube and also follow his twitter, @QuadirDaPoet.

New Poem

Asalamu Alaikum everyone and many apologies for another delay. 
In sha Allah, poems will be posted when promised.
Thank you for your patience :)

I'm still posting a Jumm'ah Reminder for last week as i want to share this amazing poem that speaks of the reality facing some men and women in our society.

                  [Topic request from follower AkhiKamran - Family]

 None like them

The blessings of a family,
You can never compare,
With countless stories to tell,
And loving memories to share,
There is no-one like them,
Each one created rare,
From parents to siblings,
Who show you they care.

Much our mothers have given,
Little we return,
A lifetime they have sacrificed,
Paradise they have earned,
Value her for she is priceless,
Let her be aware,
She’s worth more than the world’s riches,
Deserves more than what is here.

When it seems you and your family oppose, 
Like you’re both on different sides,
Have patience with them and remember your Lord,
Know their love is deep inside,
Sometimes it’s declared openly,
Other times the words may hide,
But the love is a bond none can copy,
It is truly one of a kind.

Allah in His wisdom granted you this family,
Not facing this world alone,
Always a sibling to talk to,
Or a parent you can phone,
But in Islam we are all brothers and sisters,
Who should help in highs and lows,
It is not only blood that relates you,
But your faith in life that grows.

A gift from your creator,
A unique relation made up above,
There will never be anyone like them,
Your family, a real love.

Image Source : Google

For any topic requests, drop a comment or reach me at the e-mail address in the "About" section.

Keep your eyes out for a new poem this Friday I recently wrote for a dawah organisation.

Stay Blessed.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Delay in poetry post

Apologies readers as I won't be posting the poem I promised yesterday for a couple of days due to completing Uni work. I hope you can all bear with me & in sha Allah it will be up before the "Jumm'ah Reminders" post.

Stay Blessed

Friday, 20 January 2012

Jumm'ah Reminders

Asalamu Alaikum, I hope everyone is having a blessed Jumm'ah.

The youtube video i'm posting is highly popular on facebook & twitter this week, and is a poetic response to the highly circulating video "Why i hate religon but love Jesus," which has since been re-made by many others.

(For those who want to view the original, view below or click this link :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IAhDGYlpqY )

Only 5 minutes of your time, a simple delivery with an important message.

Watch here or click the link to view : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNGqrzkFp_4

Feel free to share your views on either video & look out for a new poem requested by a follower tommorrow !

Stay Blessed

Friday, 13 January 2012

Jumm'ah Reminders

Asalamu Alaikum (peace be upon you) and i hope everyone is having a blessed Jumm'ah :)

The lecture i wanted to share today is Procrastination by AbdulBary Yahya, who's quickly become one of my favourite to listen for motivation as well as having a beautiful voice for recitation of the Qur'an Ma sha Allah. This is definitely one of my weak points which i'm striving to eliminate and in his delivery, it felt like it was just me being addressed, and i think others may feel the same.

He shares practical tips to help those procrastinating , as well as reminders of the value of our time which is something that can never be gained once it's gone.

To listen to the lecture, view below or click this link :

This picture below goes well with the topic lool.

Wishing you a  productive weekend :)

Friday, 6 January 2012

Jumm'ah Reminders

Something I hope to make regular is posting a video or article every Friday that will inspire, remind or motivate.

The link below is a lecture  by Sheikh Yassir Fazaga about self-image and what the Islamic viewpoint is.


Feel free to share links for videos, articles, or anything we can relate to.

Wishing everyone a blessed Jummu'ah :)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Urban Hijab Announces a New Line for the Consumer of Modest Style Clothing

(Written by Urban Hijab)

New York, United States of America – Urban Hijab is thrilled to announce a new modest style clothing line.  Urban Hijab is founded on the idea that style, high quality, and modesty go well together.  Our clothing line strives to meet Islamic dress code guidelines for covering and beautification.

 We bring together Eastern and Western style influences to an original clothing line.  We use the latest fabrics, tailoring and finishing techniques which are available to New York City based designers.  Every effort is made to satisfy fashion tastes and maintain the modest look required by Islam.

 Urban Hijab provides the consumer with a reliable product line, value, and great fashion.  Urban Hijab fashions are versatile and will easily take the consumer from home, to the office and elsewhere in style.  Urban Hijab offers better lifestyle choices for the discerning client.

 “Our aim is to provide what American and Western Muslims want; Islamic clothing that allows the wearer to look like she fits into her modern and urban context.”

 Urban Hijab is a New York City based clothing design company that provides the fashion conscious consumer with a better modest style alternative.  Founded in 2006, Urban Hijab has consistently rated better than 90 percent positive feedback from consumers.  Urban Hijab is a registered trademark.  Urban Hijab is privately owned.  For more information on Urban Hijab, please call 1-917-254-5854 or visithttp://urbanhijab.com/.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Inspired by the lost life of Seydou 26/12/11 - May Allah have mercy

Not Today

Big Dreams,
Bigger plans,
Come together in God’s hands,
Fulfilling our wishes in His wisdom alone,
But in the end we return to dust and bones,
Working for his pleasure, living for his sake?
Any regrets over past mistakes?
Holding out for a tomorrow that may never arrive,
Can you say you’re of those always willing to strive?

 In our belief we’ll see tomorrow, we deceive ourselves,
Into putting off duties, delaying seeking His help,
Don’t assume you’re far from your determined time,
Because of status or an age which is prime,
We are servants and to our Lord we’ll return,
A life lesson we must remember and learn.

 Nothing lasts, people go, and life is ever changing,
Once you’re gone, only a memory of you is left remaining,
Live well so you’re remembered for good,
Speak the truth so it’s clear for which side you stood,
In the time I wrote this poem, more souls have passed,
Maybe not aware the breath taken was their last,
Be aware that tomorrow is not promised to any,
You have been blessed with today, not given to many.