Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Free flow 2

That feeling of disappointment,
It hurts,
but it reminds you,
Patience is a virtue in all circumstances,
Not just when it suits you.

If you had this, if you did that,
Maybe your problems wouldn’t seem so large,
You’re struggling
you feel it
Yet you won’t give in to the sinking feeling
You refuse to
So you fight
and remind yourself
No struggle lasts forever. 

Free Flow 1

When you have no more will, motivation, desire,
It’s at that point a decision is made,

You push through
with an extra source of strength you never even knew you possessed.
In all honesty, it’s not yours,
It’s His. Your creator.

He keeps you going, when you stopped and gave up all hope.
La hawla wa la quwatta illa billahil aliyul adheem.
No power or might except from Allah. 

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