Tuesday, 31 January 2012

New Poem

Asalamu Alaikum everyone and many apologies for another delay. 
In sha Allah, poems will be posted when promised.
Thank you for your patience :)

I'm still posting a Jumm'ah Reminder for last week as i want to share this amazing poem that speaks of the reality facing some men and women in our society.

                  [Topic request from follower AkhiKamran - Family]

 None like them

The blessings of a family,
You can never compare,
With countless stories to tell,
And loving memories to share,
There is no-one like them,
Each one created rare,
From parents to siblings,
Who show you they care.

Much our mothers have given,
Little we return,
A lifetime they have sacrificed,
Paradise they have earned,
Value her for she is priceless,
Let her be aware,
She’s worth more than the world’s riches,
Deserves more than what is here.

When it seems you and your family oppose, 
Like you’re both on different sides,
Have patience with them and remember your Lord,
Know their love is deep inside,
Sometimes it’s declared openly,
Other times the words may hide,
But the love is a bond none can copy,
It is truly one of a kind.

Allah in His wisdom granted you this family,
Not facing this world alone,
Always a sibling to talk to,
Or a parent you can phone,
But in Islam we are all brothers and sisters,
Who should help in highs and lows,
It is not only blood that relates you,
But your faith in life that grows.

A gift from your creator,
A unique relation made up above,
There will never be anyone like them,
Your family, a real love.

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Keep your eyes out for a new poem this Friday I recently wrote for a dawah organisation.

Stay Blessed.


  1. Jazak'Allaah khair sis it's beautiful (Y) your really talented maShaaAllaah am thinking of making a poem because of your work and then you could analyse mine :) keep it up sis.Fee Amanillah 8)

  2. Wa iyaaki akhi, Alhamdulilah i'm glad you enjoyed it :D Jazakh'Allah khair & wow lol i'm honoured, honestly :)
    Defo write one and i will try my best to analyse as i'm still a beginner writing myself, hoping to keep improving In sha Allah.
    Appreciate your comments brother :)
    Fee Amanillah :)