Monday, 2 January 2012

Inspired by the lost life of Seydou 26/12/11 - May Allah have mercy

Not Today

Big Dreams,
Bigger plans,
Come together in God’s hands,
Fulfilling our wishes in His wisdom alone,
But in the end we return to dust and bones,
Working for his pleasure, living for his sake?
Any regrets over past mistakes?
Holding out for a tomorrow that may never arrive,
Can you say you’re of those always willing to strive?

 In our belief we’ll see tomorrow, we deceive ourselves,
Into putting off duties, delaying seeking His help,
Don’t assume you’re far from your determined time,
Because of status or an age which is prime,
We are servants and to our Lord we’ll return,
A life lesson we must remember and learn.

 Nothing lasts, people go, and life is ever changing,
Once you’re gone, only a memory of you is left remaining,
Live well so you’re remembered for good,
Speak the truth so it’s clear for which side you stood,
In the time I wrote this poem, more souls have passed,
Maybe not aware the breath taken was their last,
Be aware that tomorrow is not promised to any,
You have been blessed with today, not given to many.


  1. Blessed reminder about life, May Allaah reward you immensely.I was at oxford circus at the time of his death :/.

    Once again love your work,keep it up sis (Y) :)

  2. Ameen brother Jazakh'Allah khair, Subhan'Allah no-one knows in what place will be their ending :( just got to keep strivng and making taubah In sha Allah.

    Alhamdulilah, I appreciate hearing that and I will :)

  3. Sis il share your blog on the fb page once my laptops back sorry I don't reply to your comment before didn't seeA the comment till now

  4. it's okay, no worries & Jazakh'Allah khair :)