Friday, 3 February 2012

A poem for I.F.A.M

Asalamu Alaikum everyone.

Here is the poem i wrote for the Muslim organisation "Islam for a month"( I.F.A.M) an organisation created in July 2011 to give the correct understanding of Islam to Non- Muslims.

Last month they started the BUDDY project which pairs established Muslims with a convert who may be struggling with different issues. This poem was created to help give awareness of the project.

Please read more about them and this project on this link

[Topic requested by sister - Friendship]

Buddy for Life

A new person, a fresh beginning,
Starting over, a new meaning to living,
One enters Islam forgiven for past sinning,
Your Lord Most Merciful, guided you to this religion.

Surrounded with welcoming faces,
Taken to new places,
Introduced to brothers,
New sisters meet others,
Brother and sisterhood around you is strong,
You have found somewhere you finally belong.

Weeks and months pass, calls and invites decrease,
You try and keep contact; seems they’re too busy to speak,
You ask for advice and feel alone in the crowd,
Your voice ignored and silenced, yet you’re screaming out loud.

Those who enter Islam need companions by their side,
Ready to advise in times of trouble,
One to share with and confide,
A shoulder for support,
One who listens in hard times,
Someone to help out,
When troubles overwhelm like a tide

A duty upon every Muslim, to help those in need
Not just the weak and needy, but those new to the deen,
Give time and energy to help them in this journey,
Allah will reward your efforts and your blessings will be many.

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Stay Blessed.


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