Thursday, 5 January 2012

Urban Hijab Announces a New Line for the Consumer of Modest Style Clothing

(Written by Urban Hijab)

New York, United States of America – Urban Hijab is thrilled to announce a new modest style clothing line.  Urban Hijab is founded on the idea that style, high quality, and modesty go well together.  Our clothing line strives to meet Islamic dress code guidelines for covering and beautification.

 We bring together Eastern and Western style influences to an original clothing line.  We use the latest fabrics, tailoring and finishing techniques which are available to New York City based designers.  Every effort is made to satisfy fashion tastes and maintain the modest look required by Islam.

 Urban Hijab provides the consumer with a reliable product line, value, and great fashion.  Urban Hijab fashions are versatile and will easily take the consumer from home, to the office and elsewhere in style.  Urban Hijab offers better lifestyle choices for the discerning client.

 “Our aim is to provide what American and Western Muslims want; Islamic clothing that allows the wearer to look like she fits into her modern and urban context.”

 Urban Hijab is a New York City based clothing design company that provides the fashion conscious consumer with a better modest style alternative.  Founded in 2006, Urban Hijab has consistently rated better than 90 percent positive feedback from consumers.  Urban Hijab is a registered trademark.  Urban Hijab is privately owned.  For more information on Urban Hijab, please call 1-917-254-5854 or visit

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