Saturday, 2 June 2012

Topic close to my heart

Children of Gaza & Palestine

I come across blue skies, a cool morning breeze
Birds sing their praise, the trees sway with ease
My mind wanders, I increase in curiosity,
What do children of Gaza & Palestine see?

Their cloudless skies coloured a lifeless grey
The birds flew off & took their songs away
The ever present stench of death, and physical abuse endured
Food and water, luxuries never fully stored.

I walk across my street and see a branch on the ground,
My mind plays back like a film
Foot & branch create a crack sound,
I’m reminded that precious olive trees that saw generations of life
are crushed by Israeli soldiers in cruel swipes.

Yet, still their heads are held high
though they may suffer and cry,
looking no less than dignified
soon honour will arrive,
from their Lord most high
Peace once again to be given,
To the children of Gaza and Palestine.


(Image Source : Google)

Comments welcomed, share and pray for the people suffering all over the world.

Stay blessed


  1. Asalamu alaikum,

    May Allah help the oppressed and fulfil the prayers of the voiceless, Aameen.

    Thanks for sharing come and share some luv at ireminisces

  2. Walaikum salam,

    Ameen to your du'a, Alhamdulilah I was able to share this piece.

    Going through your blog and now following :) Let me know if you would like a piece written in sha Allah.

  3. A beautiful poem! The flow and pace was great, although the final stanza seemed slightly out of synch.

  4. Jazakh'Allah khair sis :) reading it back, i can definitely see that.