Sunday, 15 July 2012

New Piece

Salam Alaikum all,

This piece was written and performed for an Open Mic Night in aid of the Teach Somalia Campaign.

Check out more info on their Facebook page and to find out how to donate :

Also follow them on twitter : @Teach_Somalia


The news stopped giving focus,
We stopped giving focus,
Lost in this dunya,
We returned to self-centeredness.
My heart aches for humanity,
Our levels of apathy
Can be scary.

Everybody is waiting on another to act,
Problem is it leads to a severe LACK of action.
“Its an African problem,
 “they’ll get the foreign aid,
Distancing ourselves from the issue
Because they’re lands and seas away?
The deen teaches better than that
And tells you to act,
If not with your heart,
Then with your tongue or hands.

Raise funds,
Raise voices,
Make plans,
Support causes
We all have a role to play
We are all given a choice each day
If someone were to cause you harm, will you not treat it?
When one part of the ummah hurts,
We should all be looking to heal it 


  1. "The deen teaches better than that"

    very well said, great, tabarak Allah!!

    When your knee starts to hurt your mind starts to feel pain, your tongue starts to say ouch, your heart races from pain, your hands embrace your knee to reduce the pain. The entire body moves.

    We pray to Allah that the Muslims go back to their deen and become one Ummat once again, in heart and mind!

  2. Jazakh'Allah khair for reading and commenting :).

    Ameen thumma Ameen.