Wednesday, 18 April 2012

New piece

Apologies to readers & those checking in, as i had some much needed time away.
In my break I wrote another piece for which can be seen here :

Change affects us all in different ways, it's all about how we choose to handle it.

A natural part of life

In the beauty of a moment,

Change takes place,

It must be absorbed,

Welcomed and embraced.

No need for fear, face it,

No running,

No racing,

You can not hide from it,

Change enters all places.

It can inspire your passions,

Ignite your dreams,

Open the doors that were once unseen.

Change is wisdom,

From your Lord above,

Learn and grow from it,

Replace fear of change with love


Any thoughts on the poem or the topic ?

Comment below & share !


  1. Good poem, but could be better at the ending, try a more powerful ending hali?

  2. Jazakh'Allah khair sis, i defo hear you on that. I did struggle with the ending a bit, a weakness of mine i'm working to improve In sha Allah. Appreciate the feedback :)

  3. Change can be either good or bad, I love how you're focusing on the good changes and it just makes me look forward to the changes that'll take place in my own life.

  4. Definitely Hafsa, there are some changes that challenge us in our lives. Alhamdulilah i'm glad my poem was able to show you some positives of change :)

  5. Salaam sis,

    I'm going through a few of your poems for critique purposes (cos I can't remember the one you asked me to have a look at!) and I like the topic of change in this one. I think the most important thing wih poetry that rhymes is to remember that it'll have a rhythm that reads better when it's consistent. Try reading it aloud and you'll see what I mean. Rhythm and pace can always change during a piece, but it should flow in some ways.

  6. walaikum salam sis,

    Really appreciate your feedback, I definitely understand what you are saying and I will continue to focus on a stronger rhythm in my poems in sha Allah.