Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Free flow 2

That feeling of disappointment,
It hurts,
but it reminds you,
Patience is a virtue in all circumstances,
Not just when it suits you.

If you had this, if you did that,
Maybe your problems wouldn’t seem so large,
You’re struggling
you feel it
Yet you won’t give in to the sinking feeling
You refuse to
So you fight
and remind yourself
No struggle lasts forever. 


  1. This is a lovely poem, and so true x

  2. thank you sis, glad you liked it x

  3. Allah is surely with those who are patient! But like you said ease is always around the corner.

    The Prophet of Allah, peace be upon him said “Verily our Lord laughs at the despair that His servants feel, even though His Help is so close!” So Laqit bin Saburah said “O Messenger of Allah – may my mother and father be given as your ransom – and does our Lord laugh?” The prophet replied, “Yes!” Laqit said, “In that case, we will never give up hope of receiving good from a Lord that laughs!”
    Ibn Majah

  4. Jazakh'Allah khair for sharing sister Sanaa.

  5. Salaam! Why'd you stop posting poems? Hope you'll come back isA xo :)

  6. Walaikum salam sis ! I've had problems accessing my blog for a while so I may have to change site. Will be back to post soon, bare with me :)