Friday, 24 February 2012

Jumm'ah Reminders - TEDx

An amazing piece by Mexican Muslim poet Mark Gonzales. Bringing together two different worlds, and the suffering of many Arab countries,the flow and lyrics capture your attention throughout.
Check out more of his poetry on youtube & for more on his current work check out his twitter : @markgonzalesIS.
Wishing everyone a blessed Jumm'ah and weekend .

P.S a new poetry piece coming this friday :)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Jumm'ah Reminder

Deaths in Syria are on the increase and the stories about their treatment is getting worse, those who are protesting and those who aren't.
This poem was made a while back but still holds relevant  for Syria and other countries still suffering.
Keep them in your prayers this Jumm'ah and every day that follows until they are free from this oppressive regime In sha Allah (God-willing).

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Jumm'ah Reminders

A great reminder from Muhammad Al Shareef on the value of time and how to use it wisely to get the best of this life and the next In sha Allah.

Poem for Habibi Halaqas

Asalamu Alaikum everyone,

Apologies for a day late posting, but here is another new poem written for the website Habibi Halaqas, which provides webinars, articles and much more for sisters. Here is their link for more information :


My soul,
Hold on,
Be strong,
Not long,
You weren’t made for this world,
It’s the next you belong.

Fighting through a worldly maze,
Struggling in this delusional haze,
Attempting to promise you eternal bliss,
Knowing you’re not here to stay.

This world can be deceiving,
Manipulate people into believing,
That there is always time left,
So dreams they delay achieving.

The soul needs reminding,
The world is temporary to abide in,
It needs direction to guidance,
Protection from misguiding.

Our soul, the most valuable possession,
A price cannot be made,
Our daily companion for this dunya we reside in,
Many tests that must be faced.

Keep it guarded, it's a treasure ,
Hold it close it's your tool,
The Day of Judgement ever nearer,
Your soul, rejoicing or against you.

Which one will it will it be ?

Feel free to leave comments & stay blessed.

Update : The poem has now been posted on their site :

Friday, 3 February 2012

Jummah Reminders

This video follows on from other re-makes of "Why i hate religion, but love Jesus" videos, but instead focuses on education.
The poet, Suli Breaks, in no way bashes seeking an education, but rather asks us to question our purpose for pursuing further education and gaining degrees. A reflective piece worth 6:36 minutes of your time :)

Take this weekend to reflect and stay blessed.

A poem for I.F.A.M

Asalamu Alaikum everyone.

Here is the poem i wrote for the Muslim organisation "Islam for a month"( I.F.A.M) an organisation created in July 2011 to give the correct understanding of Islam to Non- Muslims.

Last month they started the BUDDY project which pairs established Muslims with a convert who may be struggling with different issues. This poem was created to help give awareness of the project.

Please read more about them and this project on this link

[Topic requested by sister - Friendship]

Buddy for Life

A new person, a fresh beginning,
Starting over, a new meaning to living,
One enters Islam forgiven for past sinning,
Your Lord Most Merciful, guided you to this religion.

Surrounded with welcoming faces,
Taken to new places,
Introduced to brothers,
New sisters meet others,
Brother and sisterhood around you is strong,
You have found somewhere you finally belong.

Weeks and months pass, calls and invites decrease,
You try and keep contact; seems they’re too busy to speak,
You ask for advice and feel alone in the crowd,
Your voice ignored and silenced, yet you’re screaming out loud.

Those who enter Islam need companions by their side,
Ready to advise in times of trouble,
One to share with and confide,
A shoulder for support,
One who listens in hard times,
Someone to help out,
When troubles overwhelm like a tide

A duty upon every Muslim, to help those in need
Not just the weak and needy, but those new to the deen,
Give time and energy to help them in this journey,
Allah will reward your efforts and your blessings will be many.

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Feel free to comment and share your thoughts :)

Stay Blessed.