Friday, 6 January 2012

Jumm'ah Reminders

Something I hope to make regular is posting a video or article every Friday that will inspire, remind or motivate.

The link below is a lecture  by Sheikh Yassir Fazaga about self-image and what the Islamic viewpoint is.

Feel free to share links for videos, articles, or anything we can relate to.

Wishing everyone a blessed Jummu'ah :)


  1. Think that's a lovely idea, been finish reading all your blogs (Y) :)

  2. Jazakh'Allah khair, glad you like the idea & i hope you enjoyed them all, more to come soon In sha Allah :D

  3. Sis , make a blog about family please?

  4. I will In sha Allah, a poem?

    Anything you want me to include in it ?

    feel free to e-mail :)

  5. Nothing specific just something about family, yep a Poem (Y) jazak'Allaah khair :)