Saturday, 17 December 2011

Blessed Pilgrimage


A fifth pillar in the religion of Islam,
A duty compulsory for those who can,
A land of holiness and history I yearn to be brought to,
To make prostration to the creator who I will return to,
Zamzam water quenching not just a physical thirst,
But bringing a fresh outlook, and a spiritual burst,
Allowing me to correct and realise,
Any weaknesses that have limited my mind’s eye.

To obey without question and to love without fear,
The aim of my existence I hope to bring near,
Not limited by the wealth you own,
But if the invitation is written for you to enter this blessed home.

A dream I wish to fulfill,
A goal I hope to achieve,
Given to creation to act upon,
For those who truly believe,
A life-changing experience that I pray
Will change me to my core,
Which has changed so many that have made this blessed pilgrimage,
So many times before.


  1. Salam alaik. a very nice blog sis :) my name is mel, i am from malaysia. happy blogging ^^

  2. Love this mash'Allaah really good work sis (Y) :)

  3. @ yaumil hidayah : walaikum salam sis, Jazakh'Allah khair and nice to see a reader from Malaysia :)
    Insha'Allah i'm going to check out your blog & happy blogging to you too :)

  4. @ AkhiKamran : Jazakh'Allah khair akhi, glad to hear you liked another piece and feel free to share my link on your fb page In sha Allah.May Allah reward the efforts of all the akhi and ukhti admins ameen :)