Monday, 5 September 2011

Say a prayer

This second poem was recently written, as a reminder to myself before others.

Raise your hands

Raise your hands for those who are unable,
For those who can not place food on the table,
For the orphan boy and homeless girl,
In the sight of their Lord, treasured pearls,
For the victim of war, and the physically abused,
The helpless, down-hearted and confused,
Bring your hands together and say a prayer,
To the Lord who sees all suffering, the Most-Aware.

Lift your hands; make dua for your loved ones,
For the mother who raised you, there when it all begun,
When you were brought to this earth, and placed in her arms,
You never left her loving gaze, she was under your charm,
Seek forgiveness on her behalf, a high status in Jannah too,
For she wouldn’t hesitate a heartbeat to do the same for you,
Raise your hands for your father, your siblings, and community,
For the power of dua will surely bring all unity.

Whether it’s the dawn of the day or the stillness of the night,
Whether it’s the sun’s beaming rays or the stars gleaming bright,
Ask your creator for the goodness of this worldly life,
But also the blessings of the next one not yet in sight
Our time is short, a precious gift,
It is with this in mind that we must lift
Our hands in praise to Him time and time again
For he hears words said and unsaid and only He remains.


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